About Us

Since my high school days, involving myself in multiple activities has always been
my cup of tea! One reason for this was also my innate habit of overthinking. To fight my fears of overthinking during spare time, I picked up every opportunity that came my way. I loved attending workshops, acquiring new skills through internships, taking art and literature classes, working on assignments, involving in social initiatives, and chose whatever I could manage in a day! I loved managing a busy schedule as it helped my brain stay refreshed, active, and free from negative thoughts. 

When all was going smooth, one challenge that I majorly faced was having an elaborate, comfy, and all-purpose wardrobe. While shifting gears, changing clothes multiple times according to the event and place, even if it wasn’t significant, gobbled a lot of my precious time. Trying to look best, I never wanted to compromise my comfort. Traveling in the metro, crowd interactions, running cross places, and taking different sessions, especially during summer left me exhausted. And between all of that, changing clothes was never a priority. 

In my quest for trendy, comfortable, and all-purpose clothes, I stumbled upon the idea of launching my own clothing line that would help ambitious women like me, look perfect, wherever they go, without requiring them to dress up every now and then. 

That is how “My Comfy Blouse” was conceived and brought to life in 2022. Our major goal was to create sustainable, easy-to-wash, multipurpose, comfortable, and fashionable clothing, especially summer blouses, that can be worn throughout the day. Solid colors, plain, printed, embroidered, and patch work clothes are a few departments that our brand excels in! This is a body positive and inclusive brand where women from size S to 5XL, could find their fit easily. You can find everything that would look great at small functions, casual outings, office meetings, dinner dates, work appointments, and so on!

Around 64% of global cotton production is consumed by the apparel industry which highlights the popularity of cotton fiber for clothing among all age groups! So how would we miss out on the same? Our summer blouses are made up of cotton, that are hypoallergenic, provide great cooling, are durable, require less maintenance, are completely natural, and keep body odours at bay. 

Giving back to nature and our community is one thing that “My Comfy Blouse” always relies on. While clothing choices lately have become fast, disposable, and cheap, we never want the environment and our workers pay the price for the same. We believe in sustainability, aim to create a plastic-free world, reduce harmful gaseous emission, and provide our employees with comfortable and safe working conditions. We are constantly involved in various practices to discourage deforestation and littering, and encourage plantation, limited water usage, management, and recycling. 

While women are putting their best foot forward to transform the world, we aim to contribute a little bit in making you feel gorgeous, comfortable, pleasing, and hassle-free. With our Comfy Blouses, the extrovert and work freak in you won’t have to check on your looks again and again. Just grab your favorite summer blouse, available in various shades, and you are good to go for the day! 

You can get in touch with us through the following methods:
Email: info@mycomfyblouse.com
We'll respond to your email within 24 hours of receiving it, Monday to Friday.

Address: 3200 North America drive Buffalo New York 14224.